Monday, March 1, 2010

Moving Day

Cohen took his first ride today, and he didn't even have to sit in a car seat. He was transported to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital about 4 this afternoon. His ride was only about a mile, but I am sure he liked it. I literally followed the ambulance bumper the whole way.
It's hard to describe what the rest of the day has been like. Chaotic. Fast-paced....a little crazy at times. As soon as we got there, I met about 12 doctors. Since it's a teaching hospital they have interns, residents, fellows and neonatologists. Lots of young doctors.It's all very Grey's Anatomy.
They ordered all kinds of bloodwork, test, MRI's, ultrasounds, x-rays, etc. as soon as he rolled in the door. Things happen really quickly there. Tomorrow we expect a speech pathologist, orthopedic, ENT, radioligist and someone else I can't remember. All of this is in hopes of finding what is causing Cohen so many problems.
It was so hard to come home tonight. Leaving Cohen everyday at Baptist was hard. But...they knew him, they saw him grow from 3 lbs to almost 7. They have invested so much in Cohen.
Now, I feel like we are starting over. I felt like I was leaving him with a bunch of stangers, in a strange place.
I have to say I was impressed by the effiency and the promptness at Vanderbilt. I am just praying they can figure him out and find a solution. I pray that Cohen does well there, and can continue to grow and thrive.

Please pray for Cohen and us over the next few days ahead. We are hopeful this is the right place for him right now. Love to you all.

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  1. Emma Claire so misses her buddy! Hope the transition to Vandy has been a good one. Heather (my bestie) should be over to see you guys today. She wanted to check in and let you know if y'all need anything, she is around. Keeping y'all in our prayers and thoughts daily. He is a warrior and will be home before you know it.

    Matt, Emily and Emma Claire