Monday, September 19, 2011

Family Randoms and Happenings!

While I was typing this post, Cohen crawled up and pushed the power button and turned it off!!! No wonder I never get an blogging done anymore!!!!

My favorite time of year has finally weather, beautiful leaves, college and high school football. How much better can it get?

Fall so far has been as busy as ever. Calee just finished up her first Middle School Volleyball season, first Middle School Homecoming, and the boys and I are well into 2-day a week Mother's day out (MDO). Justin has also been super busy with fall food plots. You can check out his website here.

Calee loved volleyball and learned alot. I will post some pictures below. Ames and Cohen had fun going to watch her and playing with little brothers and sisters of other volleyball players.

 Calee is excited to get back into her dance class routine this week. We have waited to start her fall classes until the season was over.  She has missed it!

Cohen has been doing wonderful. The MDO has been a big adjustment to him. After crying most of the day the first couple of weeks, he is finally starting to play and enjoy it. I am SO thankful his teachers are friends of mine and super patient with him. I would have been nuts if I had been them!!!! He was definitely "that" kid!!!!! As far as my class goes, I have the younger 2 year olds. They are seriously precious. I had no idea it would be this enjoyable.

We are heading to the beach again for fall break with some friends. The kids and I are super excited about that.

Here are some recent pics. Enjoy and I promise y'all will hear from me soon!!!
Working on her serve

Ames and his little buddy Drake waiting for the homecoming parade

Boys loved the parade!
Ames and his little friend Kade playing at the VB game

Calee on the 6th grade float
Cohen being a BIG boy at school!
Volleyball diva=)