Sunday, February 28, 2010

February 28th

It has been a busy weekend for us. Justin and I have spent lots of good quality time with Cohen yesterday and today. Justin has been working more, so weekends are his opportunity to catch up on Cohen time.
He has done really well this weekend. He is taking at least 2 full bottles by mouth a day. This is awesome progress. The doctor said the nurses or I can try him with a bottle whenever he is awake, so we are hoping he can start taking more and more per day. He is also back down on 2 liters of flow in the vapotherm. Hope he can stay down this time!

I mentioned that the orthopedic doctor came back Thursday. He went ahead and took off Cohen's cast and was thrilled with the progress from being in cast just 6 days. We could really tell a difference in his feet. We were super excited. However, today we noticed they have already turned back to the way they were before. The ortho doctor comes back to check this week, so I am betting he will recast him.

The next big thing for us will be moving to Vanderbilt for the swallowing study. We have no idea when this will happen, but likely sometime this week. Hope to know more about the time frame tomorrow. I have been praying hard over this transition. We are really nervous about the whole ordeal. We hope they will send us back to Baptist after the study, but are told it's not a sure thing.

We will miss all the nurses, doctors, respitory therapist(s) and other NICU parents from Baptist. We have developed some wonderful relationships there. I am sure the Vandy NICU is great, but we are really settled in here after almost 70 days. We have been so blessed to have so many angels in this hospital. It's just so hard to imagine being anywhere else!

Cohen will also miss his next door neighbor and little girlfriend, Emma Claire. Justin and I have developed friendship with her parents. They are so much fun. We have laughed with them all weekend. Cohen and Emma Claire's nurse, Stacy, calls them "brother and sissy". She tells Cohen, "Be good, I am going over to feed Sissy." It cracks me up.

My biggest excitement of the day was giving Cohen a bath for the first time! He usually gets soap baths on the night shift, every few days or so. Stacy and I had so much fun soaping and lotioning him up------we could not stop sniffing him!!!!

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone again for the prayers and kind words. I am reminded today about how many of our friends and family both near and far in need prayers for different things. Please know that even though our family is in a little rough patch, we are still praying and thinking of you all too. Much love to you all.

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