Sunday, December 23, 2012

BIG 3!!!!! Happy Birthday CoCo!

Cohen is 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe that? Time has gone so amazingly fast, yet sometimes I feel like he was born yesterday.

I won't go into a long sappy post about everything Cohen has taught myself and our entire family. I won't detail the changes my heart have seen in the last 3 years.

What I will say is all of our children are gifts from God. Cohen simply proved to me that God has a sense of humor.

In the last few months my sweet little scrawny baby has turned in to a messy, funny, and loving little BOY!

Thank you to all the family and friends that have stuck with us in this journey so far. Thank you for getting excited when you see him walk or talk. Thank you for laughing with us and giving him so much love and and attention. Thank you for loving us, even when things were dark and scary. You know who you are, and for you we will always be grateful.