Friday, March 5, 2010

March 5th

Cohen has a good day. His "team" at Vanderbilt made just a few adjustments to his care today. They increased the calories in his formula since he has lost weight since the transfer. They also put his feedings on a continuous cycle through a pump to try and help his reflux. They think the spells he is still having are caused by reflux.  Hopefully this can help him have less secretions in his throat he has to manage, until he is stronger.

The plan and hope for now is we wait a couple of weeks and repeat the swallowing study. We will not give him any bottle feedings during that time, in hopes that we can let his lungs dry up and strengthen. If he shows enough improvement in that time, we will try with the bottles again. We also hope during this time that he can be removed from the nasal cannula and oxygen. The ENT doctor last week said he felt this problem with swallowing would not heal in weeks, that he thought it would be months. The swallow specialist at Vandy told me this morning she was not sure. She said things can improve fast in some cases.  His original due date was March 17th, so that is around when we will repeat the test.

We also got a second opinion from another orthopedic doctor today. He felt that Cohen's left foot has a tight heel cord, which can be a sign of club foot. Alot of the doctors at Vandy have refered to this foot as a "club foot", and his right foot as "rocker bottom".  I don't care for either term......anyway, the doctor said he did not think it was a club foot, and with time it should be fine. He may need more casting later, but he said he does not cast babies under 6 months or so......He thought even though the right foot looks worse, it would be worked out with no problems also.  So, the concencous is that his feet will be fine with just a little follow-up. We are so thankful for this!!!!!

Please pray that time improves Cohen's swallowing problem and that he can come home soon!!!! We are ready!

Hope you all have a great weekend. Love you much!

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