Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 30th

Yesterday I told you Cohen was vocal and crying----well, crying turned into screaming and obvious discomfort. He spiked a fever about 5p.m. They thought the "G" tube was infected, so they called the surgeon to come and check. He didn't come, but called on the phone and said that this was normal. So, they then assumed the PICC line removal could cause a small infection and blamed it on that.

When I got there today, Cohen was still super cranky, the "G" tube was leaking and smelled. When I found out the surgeon STILL hadn't been by, I was furious. We are only 5 days after surgery, and he hasn't checked on him since Sunday morning? They paged him and told him I was there and wanted to see someone. They sent an intern who literally told the nurse and I he knew nothing about "G" tubes---then the nurse practitioner came and looked. She is the one that you see in the office with "G" tube problems, so she knows her stuff. She thought it did not look infected, but was concerned about it leaking.

So here we are....the surgeon said he would be by later today. He is supposed to call me----we will see if he does. I just don't think its too much to ask for them to come and check, especially since he is starting on antibiotics due to the fever. 

The good news is it's not affecting him as far as the vapotherm goes. They turned him down to 2 liters and he is on room air. Yeah! They are talking about putting in another PICC, which I am not excited about, but may have no choice. They have to have IV access somehow.

The poor little man can't catch a break! Hopefully this will be a small obstacle that is figured out quickly. Talk to you all soon.

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