Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall Update?

I am beyond a terrible blogger. I really DO think about updating and writing a huge post about all that is going on with Cohen and the rest of us, just happens!

Cohen is doing amazing. I am talking car stopping, chart topping, beyond our wildest imagination amazing. Not only is he WALKING, but add RUNNING to the list. He climbs, jumps, falls, falls, falls, (you get the picture) and continues to jump back up and go again. He works so hard to keep up with all his buddies and mostly his big brother and sister.

He does continue to wear his braces (AFOs)  for support and control, but they are second nature to him now. We also still feed through his G tube 3 times during the day. We are trying to wean him to 2 times a day, but this is pretty tough. He loves his "tubie" feeds and begs for the 3rd per day. On a good day, he eats like a almost average picky toddler. On an off day he eats zilch. Still something we are working on and will be working on for a while. We can see the light. That is all that matters.

Here are some recent pics of all the kiddos. I would promise you that I will update the blog more often but who am I kidding?????

Typical Bryant kid pic....

Much better!
Cohen loves his Calee
The boys with BFF Drake
Told you he loves her....
Ames is so funny. Love this pic.
Calee and Bailee swinging the boys.
Life long BFFs. Such sweet girls, even now as TEENAGERS!