Monday, March 22, 2010

Repeat Swallow Study

We just finished up the repeat swallow study. We were able to go down and watch this time. Sadly, there has been no change or improvement in the last 3 weeks since the original study. We are disappointed, we really thought that he had improved in this area.  We are waiting on the attending doctor to come and give us the recommendation....we assume they will want to go ahead with surgery. I will let you know what they say.

Cohen has improved greatly in other areas...he is now completely off oxygen/nasal cannula as of this morning! We are thrilled about this! The only downside is that if he does have surgery, he will have to likely go back on oxygen to go home...but we won't dwell on that just yet.

Here are some shots I took during the study. Justin was mortified that I wanted to take pictures! One is Cohen on the table before, and one is him in the tunnel during the test. The last pic is of Cohen with no oxygen and no feeding tube! This is only the 2nd time we have ever seen him with nothing on his face! So sweet!

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