Saturday, March 6, 2010


Thanks to my friend Emily who taught me how to post this little virtual tour of Cohen's room! I am a little slow when it comes to all this!    This is the first thing I saw when we entered the room......please take note of spelling. 
Someone must have noticed by the next day and they changed it.
The view from outside our room with door open.
The trusty Vapotherm machine. This is the high flow nasal cannula that helps him breathe. The 2.0 setting in white is liters of flow per minute. The 26 green number is the amount of Oxygen. The red number is the temp. of the O2 sent in.
This is the monitor that keeps up with his heartrate (top green) his respitory rate (middle white) and his oxygen saturation (lower blue) the screen is the same at Vandy and Baptist.
This is Cohen's new machine. It is a pump that gives him continous feeding 24 hours a day.

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