Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 99 Part 2

During rounds this morning the doctors decided they think the infection/fever Cohen has is not caused by a "wound" infection. Now, they are trying to determine if he has pneumonia, a partial lung collapse, or some other virus. They took blood for a viral panel. In the big picture, they said it really doesn't matter what the cause is.....the solution is pretty much the same. Continue antibiotics and keep a close eye on him. 

The only other concern is a test that came back positive for e-coli.  All I can think is who has touched my baby without washing their hands?? Anyway, we all apparently have this in our system and it sometimes "outbreaks" and can cause people to be really sick. They took another culture and will watch it for 48 hours to see if it grows anything.

Hopefully Cohen can overcome all these little complications soon. He was not near as fussy today,  and let LuLu and I snuggle and hold him for hours.

Today was officially the last day for our doctor team. They now move on to some other rotation in the hospital. I have really liked the team, and felt like they all really cared for Cohen and his best interests. One of the residents, (Sunny) and I have formed a sort of friendship. She has been such a blessing to us in our month at Vandy. I cried like a baby when she came and told us goodbye this afternoon. She has definitely left a hand print on my heart. I have no doubt she will do great things with her career.

Thanks to you all for your support and encouragement during this time. We are hopeful that Cohen can be back on the road to coming home soon! Love you to all.

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  1. cannot wait to see you tomorrow! cohen will get better soon. EC had e. coli when she was first born and it took the antibiotics about 10 days. kiss that sweet boy for us.