Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 99

There is no doubt now that we will hit the 100 day mark here in the hospital! At school we always have big 100 day celebrations. The kids make posters and have a party. I don't think we will go that far, but I am thankful we are nearing the end of our hospital stay. (I really think we are just a couple of weeks away)

Cohen is calmer this morning, they ended up giving him some pain meds last night. He had screamed and cried for the entire day, which is so unlike him. This let him get a good nights sleep last night. He is still sleeping this morning, so I haven't gotten him out to hold him yet. Mom and I are hanging out waiting on the doctors to round. I want to question them further about the infections and  fevers.

The surgeon still thinks the infection has nothing to do with the G tube.  I honestly hope it doesn't, as I don't want to constantly be concerned about it being infected.

They had to move the vapotherm back to 3 liters last night. This morning he is using 30% oxygen. That is up from the last 2 days. The nurse said its probably just because he doesn't feel well. Still not sure if they are going to put in another PICC line. Should find out today.

Will update you again soon!

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