Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ready or Not....here we go!

Cohen is having a great few weeks! I am so happy with the progress he is making. This is our last official week of summer. Next week I will start working at a Tuesday/Thursday school and Ames and Cohen will go with me. I am so excited and still so nervous about this! Ames has attended the school for the last 2 years, and it has been such a blessing for us. I know Cohen will love all the interaction and benefit from the structure, I just pray he can stay healthy and well!

Cohen has made some major strides in his PT recently! He is standing up and really close to cruising! The new braces make it so much easier for him. Our PT is absolutely wonderful and such an encouragement to me. Feeding therapy is also going great. He is eating about anything he can get his little hands on, with alot less choking and gagging. Still a long way to go but I can tell a major difference.

Calee has started middle school this week! She is loving it so far. I am looking forward to fall weather and fun! Here is a little snapshot from my phone of Cohen during PT today.