Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 10th Morning

Cohen had several spells overnight, so Justin and I are both here this morning. We are in the waiting room while they try to get the pic line in again. The nurse said she suctioned alot of bile type fluid out of his stomach this morning, and it seemed to help him.  We were pretty alarmed by all the overnight spells, but when I got here and looked back on the computer screen, they weren't as bad as what the night nurse acted like on the phone. They were what I would call  mid-grade spells (thats just my terminology) but they were high as far as the amount he had.  They did move the vapotherm back up to 4. Hopefully this will give him the help he needs to heal whatever is going on with these spells.

Mostly, I wanted to show you this picture of Cohen's first haircut he got this morning. I know it looks awful! They saved me the hair in a little baggie, and it looks just like what we kept from Ames' first haircut just a few weeks ago.
Bless his heart! He is such a little trooper!!!

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