Thursday, March 25, 2010

Surgery Day- 3rd update

Justin and I are basically sitting and staring at Cohen. That is why I have had time to post 3 times so far today! He is doing very well, still hasn't fully woken up, but is starting to wiggle and move his arms and legs. He remains on the ventilator, but hopefully will will extubated soon. They are continuing giving him meds to control his pain.
They were able to do the surgery laparoscopically. He has three small circular incisions in his middle where the camera and arms went in. His G tube site will stay covered for 7 days, so we haven't seen exactly what that looks like yet. He looks pretty good, except he is still painted orange in spots from the surgery sterilizing gunk.
I took some pics from before and after surgery.  This one is before he went into the OR. He was sleeping peacefully even though he hadn't eaten for 8 hours!
The next 2 are in recovery. You can see one of the lesions from the camera above his diaper and in his belly button.

The dreaded ventilator. No, we are really thankful for this machine that can help during surgery. We just hope we don't need it for long!

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