Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Today is the day baby Cohen was supposed to make his grand entrance. Early on, I had envisioned St. Patrick's Day themed birthday parties, with green punch and kids dressed up like Leprechauns. Obviously, Cohen did not follow this plan! He is now 12 weeks old and we will be having Christmas themed birthday parties!

I have felt all along that Cohen's due date would be a magic time where things for him will just fall into place. I am still carrying some of that hope. I know he is still here in the NICU, but he really has improved over the last several days. We have stayed on the nasal cannula since Saturday afternoon, they were also able to move his NJ tube back to NG (higher into his stomach) and he is tolerating that really well. Having the tube at NG placement is much easier to deal with, but in the past it has contributed to his spells. So far, he is doing great with the adjustment. Another change today is stopping continuous feeds, and going back to feeding him every 3 hours through the pump. I think this is a great step toward getting him on a better schedule. Continuous feeds can really make for a tough schedule when we do go home!

The plan for now is just to wait until the swallow study Monday.  I will post some pics from Calee's visit with Cohen yesterday in a bit.  Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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