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Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 97-March 29th

Good Morning from Cohen! He is bright eyed and soooo vocal this morning! That is my nice way of saying he is crying....we think he has some air in his tummy from being back on the vapotherm. We are "venting" the G tube now, trying to get some of the air out.
Cohen is also finally getting his PICC line out today! He can wear hats again---and let me tell you, with that huge bald spot they shaved he is going to need a hat!
Also, we moved down to 3 liters on the vapotherm, and he is using about 21% (room air) on oxygen. Its a GREAT day so far!

Since our doctor team is changing completely, I caught a few of them and took their picture this morning. They weren't that excited about it--but they were good sports.  I also took a shot of our 2 primary nurses here at Vandy.

This is only about a a quarter of the team, but I took what I could get! Left to Right-Resident Angela, Resident Sunny, Neonatologist Dr. Walsh Primary Nurses Rachel and Susan

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