Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 3rd

Cohen is 71 days old today. Hard to imagine! Several things have happened, I will start with the most positive. Cohen's heart is in great condition. The echo showed nothing significant as far as pressure or damage. This is a big sigh of relief, as the fear that pressure put on the heart from the lungs could have caused damage. Not the case and we are grateful!

The swallowing specialist did conduct the suck/swallow test this morning. The report is not good. Cohen is aspirating fluid into his lungs everytime he sucks on a bottle. He does not cough or try to stop this from happening. During the study, every 3rd swallow went to his lungs. So, basically it is not safe to bottle feed him at this time. The neonatologist here at Vandy, Dr. Walsh told us we will tube feed him for several days and then repeat the suck/swallow test to see if his lungs have improved. He says the lungs heal fast, and if we leave them alone and let them heal, he MAY outgrow this problem within a matter of weeks. This would also allow him to be strong enough to not need the vapotherm machine.

The only thing that could throw a wrench in this plan is the MRI. It will finally be done late tonight. If it comes back normal, Dr. Walsh says we will consider this a preemie problem and give it time to correct, not try a "G" tube. If the MRI shows a neuro problem, we will have to decide how long we can wait on improvement before a "G" tube is a must. Dr. Walsh said he hates surgery, and will only do a "G" as a last resort. I like his thinking!

We were hoping to move back to Baptist when the study was over, but now that he will have another one, we will likely have to stay here at Vandy. The insurance company will not pay for backtransport if another study is scheduled. We already miss our Baptist family.

I am staying here with Cohen for the MRI tonight. Our prayer is that this will be normal, and he will not have any abnormal brain functions. Please pray for a good outcome. We should get the results in the morning, and I will let you know a.s.ap. I am able to write more now that I can use my laptop in his room.

Thank you for your support and prayers. Cohen is a strong little boy and I know he will be fine.

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