Saturday, March 27, 2010

March 27th

Cohen's night was better. He is still having trouble with his lungs, the right is back up, but the left one fell last night. All in all, he is still improving. He is more awake and fighting the CPAP (a good sign that he can come off it soon). He is also taking his paci again, we had  worried he wouldn't want it after being intubated again.

Justin and I stayed in one of the "sleep" rooms again last night. It seems we are the only people in them that need actual sleep! All I heard was people carrying on all night! Its like living in a dorm again. We are grateful to have had a shower and somewhere to sleep for a bit--

I haven't seen Ames and Calee since Wednesday night, so I am going to try and go home tonight if Cohen has a good day. Our nurse this weekend, Rachel, is one of your favorite and most trusted. I know he will be in good hands with her.

They are also going to try and feed him through the G tube today....we are anxious to learn how it works and become accustomed to using it.

Here is a pic Justin took this morning----he looks happy on his nice clean bed and sucking on his paci.

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