Thursday, April 22, 2010

Home....sort of!

Well, we spent the last 24 hours at home with Cohen. We even took him to our pediatrician here in Murfreesboro this morning for his first checkup. He wanted to get a good "baseline" of what he looks and sounds like when he is well. Everything was great!

This afternoon we were are settling in and about to eat a awesome dinner (thanks to Julie) and Justin and I decided to add a little water to the balloon in Cohen's G tube, since it has been leaking all day. They next thing we knew the "button" had flown off and milk was shooting straight up in the air! I stuck the G tube back in and Justin taped in on. (It's really a shame no one was videoing us, it would have been really, really funny)We called Vanderbilt and the surgeon told us to head to the ER since it was after the surgery clinic hours. We were dreading having Cohen in the ER with all the other sick kids.

When we got about halfway there, the surgery nurse practitioner called and told us she would wait for us in the office, so we would not have to take him to the ER. When we got there, she switched out the button to a 1.4 from a .8. She said that he has grown so much since the surgery it must have caused the button to fit incorrectly. She fixed us in about 15 minutes and sent us downstairs to x-ray. They checked the placement to make sure the milk was going into the stomach and not somewhere else, and sent us on our way! We were only there about 1 hour total! AMAZING!

God Bless that wonderful nurse!!!!! If we had to go back, it was the best possible scenario. Other than this G tube blunder, we are doing great and enjoying every second of being home with baby Cohen!

I promise I am working on posting pics, my computer is having some trouble-hope to get it worked out soon!


  1. We give him back to you for one day and you already have milk shooting up into the air from a hole in his stomach?!? :) What a great story! At least now you have gotten that first at home mishap out of the way. BTW, Cohen's name from his door is sitting here on the desk and it is making me sad to look at it. Did you want it?

  2. Kaitie! It was too funny- I am glad the first mishap is over, I think I learned from it for sure! I forgot his letters! We don't need them, so just toss em, or they can save them for the next baby named Cohen! lol!