Saturday, April 24, 2010

Baby CoCo

We were given an AWESOME baby gift today. Jeannie Nicholson, (asst. principal at school and part time photographer) came over and snapped some shots of Cohen this morning. We are thrilled at how great they turned out! I get tears in my eyes looking at the pictures of him and how healthly he looks! Here are a couple of my faves. I will post the link to all of them shortly.

Most of you know, I LOVE a newborn baby. I know that Cohen is 4 months old, but he is very newborn like in many ways. We have amazing pics of Ames at 7 days old, so I am so excited to have these! THANKS AGAIN JEANNIE!


  1. We have never had professional pics done of Mary Farris, I was scared of germs! After seeing these I think we are next...

  2. Gotta get someone who comes to your house. That is the best way----

  3. I'm so glad to see these ~ they're so sweet! Can't wait to see the rest, CoCo is a pro like his big brother and sister. =)