Saturday, April 3, 2010

April 3rd

Day 102-

Cohen is still having some post-op issues. His right lung collapsed again Friday morning. The doctor increased his vapotherm back up to 4 liters. She did this more to try and re-inflate the lung, not because he was doing poorly at 3 liters.

This time is very different with the lung collapse. He is still looking pretty good, and not laboring or retracting as hard as last time. I think he is getting stronger and able to handle it better. I keep asking the doctors when this lung collapse stops becoming an after surgery problem and becomes a serious issue. They have told me if by Monday he hasn't been able to recover the lung, we will contact the ENT and Pulmonary specialist for further tests.

It irritates me to think more can be done. What further tests? Why haven't we already done it?

One of my concerns when we came to Vanderbilt is they would never understand how weak his lungs were in the beginning. I know they can read the chart, but I think they consider his lungs to be a normal 28 weeker.....I do not think that is the case. I strongly still believe my  water being broken for so long in Teri caused his lungs to stop developing way before he was born. I think all the problems he has had after the surgery prove it------he was not as strong as we thought.

He really looks good today considering he is working on one lung. He is alert and enjoying being held by Daddy as I type. I will try and post some pics later.

In more positive news, Cohen hit 8 lbs last night!!!! We are so excited that he is continuing to grow and thrive despite a few other setbacks.

Justin, Calee, Ames and I went to a surprise birthday party for a dear friend last night. We had a great time seeing lots of friends we haven't gotten to visit with in awhile. I am always amazed when I think about all the prayers being lifted up for Cohen, and at the people who tell me they read the blog daily. Thank you all for the love and encouragement. 

I  also spent alot of time yesterday thinking about our friends the Jackson's. Last year on Good Friday, their house was destroyed by the tornado that hit Murfreesboro. It was a horrible devastation------alot of us helped them move what was left- literally in about 3 hours . Samantha was 9 months pregnant, and had Alli Grace only 5 days later! I really think they should write a book, it was such an amazing story. Samantha was supposed to be home on bed rest, but thankfully she is stubborn and was out getting a pedicure! They are an awesome example of overcoming unexpected obstacles with faith and grace! I am thankful for the inspiration they have given me.

Talk to yall soon.

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  1. Aw! Mary Farris was 8lbs 4oz at discharge, day 148. Hang in there we are all there with you!!!!