Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April 13th

Cohen is doing wonderful----so wonderful in fact that they want to SEND HIM HOME! What a difference a week can make. I think he has really, truly turned the corner this time. He is just looking awesome. His right lung is 100% functioning. He is on room air. Justin and I are doing some last minute G tube and CPT training, just making sure we are experts at everything he needs.

If all goes well, HE SHOULD BE HOME BY FRIDAY OR SATURDAY! I cannot believe the time has finally come. It has been a long road, but we hope we are on the downhill slide.

Thank you for all your love and support. Everyone I have talked to has been so excited for us, and we thank you for sharing in our triumphs and joys. I am just beside myself with excitement...and a little nervous! We are trying to get everything squared away and ready for him. I will update you tomorrow on the "Operation Home" progress!


  1. I'm completely AMAZED, but in a good way! After last Thursday especially...GOD is GOOD! Y'all will do awesome and I'm sure he will take off once he is home and settled. Love you guys!


  2. Christin ~ that is WONDERFUL news!! So happy for your whole family. Can't wait to see pics of Cohen at home with his brother and sister. ;-)