Thursday, April 8, 2010

April 8th

Just got home from Fine Arts Night at school. It was awesome---Calee and her class did a cute performance, and the art show was great. Mostly, it was GREAT to see all my co-workers and sweet little students I haven't seen in a while. Things have been so busy, I haven't been by school much this winter. I really miss my buddies at work and the kids, but I  am so thankful to have time off with Cohen---I can't imagine having to go to work everyday while he is still in the hospital.

Cohen is still having trouble with his right lung. He just can't seem to keep it from collapsing. The doctors now think there is a "plug" blocking the upper right lobe. This possibly happened during surgery. They are still batting around solutions to get it undone. He started breathing treatments and chest compressions 4 times a day. Hopefully this will help--------I will keep you posted. 

I think the week is catching up with me....I am super tired! Will let you know more details tomorrow.

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