Thursday, April 29, 2010

April 29th

Remember a few months ago when I worried that Cohen would not like to be held? I had heard that long term NICU babies like their crib better than being held.........

Well- we do not have that problem here. Cohen has been home for 7 full days, and he is already a major cuddler. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little happy about this. I love getting to hold and cuddle him all the time.  He does sit in the swing rather contently, but he much prefers holding. (and so do I)

I remember when Calee was a baby we held her 24 hours a day. I guess I just thought that is what I was suppose to do! I recall her pediatrician asking me if I ever put her down when I was concerned when she walked a little late.......the answer was no!!! My Granny always said you can't spoil a baby. I guess that is the philosophy we are going with.
Ames had his fair share of holding too---now, you can only hold him if you chase him down or bribe him with a truck or train!!!

Speaking of Calee,  she sang in her school talent show yesterday. She was AWESOME! I am so proud of her! She is growing up so fast------those of you that haven't seen her in a while would just not believe it! She is also a major baby soon as she gets in from school, she takes Cohen for "her turn".

Hope you all have a great weekend! We love you all and thank you for your continued support.


  1. I like to think that I had a little something to do with that (the cuddling, not the not sleeping! :)

  2. EC loves her snuggle time too, especially around her 2 AM feeding! HaHa!!! Let me know when you will be in town and may be our appts will coincide on the same day. Love you guys and EC sure does miss her Cohen! :)


  3. Kaitie! Yes, I think you had someting to do with it too! I love it-----How did the Hula Hooping go????? Justin and I have been wondering!