Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 18th

Operation Home is still looking good. Cohen is doing wonderful and seems stronger everyday. Justin and I have been working with all our equipment. It's a good thing we tried it all out at the hospital, because the home health company had already had to come and switch out his feeding pump. It was not working properly----it also looks like we are adding a pulse oximeter ad monitor to our home health supplies. It will be used at night while Cohen gets continuous feeds. I actually am glad for this and will probably sleep better having it.

Like I said, Cohen is doing amazing, and we are seeing him get stronger all the time. I think he will come home mid-week, Thursday at the latest. The developmental specialist is coming on Monday to check him out and give us more information. The pulmonary doctor is also still consulting and trying to decide what meds he needs for at home.  HOME! Everytime I type the word I get so excited!

Ovcourse, now that it's this close to discharge, Ames and I have been sick. We have been well all winter so I guess it's our turn! Ames started with a cough/congestion and runny nose about 10 days ago. I took him to the doctor to try and head it off and he is now almost back to normal. I started with a terrible sore throat a couple of days ago----it has worsened over night. I went to the doctor this morning myself and got a shot to hopefully clear me up quickly.

 The NICU doctor has told me to stay away for a couple of days to make sure I am not passing it to Cohen. Justin went to visit him today without me and I was so jealous!!! I miss him! He is so sweet and playful now I can hardly stand not to see him. More importantly, I do not want to give him this cold. It would be so hard for him to fight it----

Since we are nearing the end of our NICU stay, we have started having to say goodbyes to several of our nurses that won't be back at work before we are discharged. As you all know, we had a hard time adjusting to being at Vanderbilt. It took us a little longer to find our core group of nurses and be comfortable with all of the changes. Now, after over 50 days here at Vandy, we are SO attached to several amazing nurses.  I am especially emotional when I think of how wonderful they have been to Cohen and to us. We have trusted them with our most prize possession and they have not let us down. God definitely answered our prayers and gave us trustworthy, loving nurses here at Vandy. We are forever grateful to them.

I am getting my cough drops and kleenex and heading back to bed. I will keep you all posted on the coming home progress.  Thanks to all of you for the continued prayers, calls, texts, thoughtful cards and love you are sending our way. We are so thankful to you all.

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