Friday, April 16, 2010

April 16th

Cohen is still doing great. He is off all oxygen and we are working out his feeding schedule. It looks like he will get "bolus" feedings every 4 hours during the day, (8,12,4,8) and continuous feeds on his pump from 10-6 at night. All of this is still being tweaked a little to see what works.

The home health rep came to the hospital this afternoon and brought all our equipment and trained us on it. I literally feel like I am back in school! We will have a feeding pump, nebulizer and suction machine at home. The machines themselves are not hard to use, all the supplies that go with them are a little overwhelming. Justin and I are both planning on staying at night for a couple days to make sure we are tip-top experts on everything.

Operation home......I should have known better than to believe they would stick to an exact day! It looks like Sunday is turning into around Tuesday or Wednesday. None of this is because Cohen isn't doing great. It is more about tying up loose ends and making sure we have consulted everyone and everything we can.

Last night they moved him to 7 South, the step-down/training unit I told you about. When you move here, you also switch the entire doctor team. The new doctor is not comfortable sending him home without a couple of second looks at some issues. She had the pracitioner for surgery here this morning working with his G tube, and she is having the pulmonary doctor come and re-eval some things.
 Hopefully all this can be done over the next few days and we can go home! It doesn't matter to us what the exact day is, we will just be so excited and thankful to be home with our precious little miracle!

I will keep you all posted on the big homecoming! Thanks for all your kindness and support!


  1. I'm back Tuesday night and I'm not sure whether to root for seeing him one last time or not!! I've actually never been to 7S and wasn't planning on trying, but if Cohen is there, I will make the sacrifice for him and him ONLY! :)
    PS I had no idea that you switched teams when you moved there. I miss so much on night shift!

  2. Kaitie!!! Cohen misses you already! I hope you will come over there Tuesday night, I told Justin I would love to get your picture with Cohen--