Sunday, April 11, 2010

April 11th

Day 110-

Sorry I haven't kept you updated this weekend. We have just been so busy playing with baby Cohen. He has had a terrific couple of days. On Friday, we found out the milk scan came back normal. That means the nissen surgery worked correctly and reflux is not longer a problem. (thank goodness)  They also took Cohen completely off the vapotherm. So, far he is doing great on ROOM AIR! It is so fun to see his pretty face without tape and tubes attached to it!

The ENT is supposed to come Monday to do a scope and recheck his vocal cords. He also had another chest x-ray this morning. It showed good improvement in the lungs. The upper lobe on the right lung is still not 100% clear, but they said it looks promising. They will continue the 4x per day breathing and chest percussion treatments and redo an x-ray in a couple of days. (Tuesday I think) They are also calling the lung specialist to come back in and take a look.

Our goal now is for Cohen to keep the lung inflated. If it can continue to improve and not collapse, we are well on our way to home.  We ask you to continue to pray for Cohen and that his lung improves.

I hope you can tell from all the pictures that Cohen looks AWESOME! Justin and I have said all weekend it is hard to believe he is still in the hospital. He just looks and acts like he feels perfect-------

We have had several special visitors over the weekend. Cohen has been showing off and telling everyone how good he feels! We love you all and thank you for your unwavering support.

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