Monday, April 5, 2010

April 5th

Day 104-

We have a functioning right lung! YEAH! The x-ray looked much, much improved. I was able to look at  the last 2 on screen side by side, so that was awesome. The lung is almost completely re-inflated and clear of pneumonia. They will repeat another one on Wednesday morning just to make sure the last little bit comes up. This is a HUGE victory for Cohen.

The doctors are leaving him on 4 liters on the vapotherm for another day. Today is also the last day of his antibiotics. They changed his G tube feeds to 45 minutes on the pump per feed from the 1 hour we have been doing. He did well with this today. They want to move slowly on this to make sure he is not refluxing. He shouldn't be, since he had the nissen surgery, but they want to make certain.  He did have to get another IV in his head.....I hope so much this is the last one he gets! It makes him look so much worse!

Cohen was feeling great today, and stayed awake more than I have ever seen him. We had Heather,  another one of our fave nurses today. She and I talked alot about what to expect when we go home, and she gave me some good insight about going home on oxygen. I have been hoping we would be home without it----but, the more I think about it and talk to people, it may not be as bad as I thought.  I guess we will see what happens in the coming weeks.

Justin suggested I post some pics of Cohen's G tube. I guess if it were me, I would want to see it. I am a visual kind of person. So, here are a few photos from today of Cohen and his new parts!

Cohen with his new IV and G tube

Close up of the G tube-this is during a feeding, so the tubing is hooked up and the latch is hanging down. It looks just like a latch on a beach ball.
Here it is in proportion to his body. I think it looks bigger in the pic than it really is but that may just be me getting used to it.

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