Saturday, February 13, 2010

February 13th

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days...I actually did write a long winded explanation of things yesterday and my computer went crazy and deleted it!

I was tired and didn't retype it all----
Cohen has had a really good last 2 days. He seems to be feeling much better. His color looks good, and he has had very few spells. His vapotherm is still at 4 liters of flow, and his oxygen is staying low, sometimes he has even been on room air (21%).

I was able to try and feed him a bottle again yesterday, and he took about 14 cc's, so that was great! I was nervous trying it again, since last time he dropped his heartrate and saturation rates so much. He got tired easlily, but he was able to take some of it! Great news!

I also wanted to let you know we found out Justin and his Dad are blood donor matches for Cohen. Justin went and gave the blood Cohen needs this week yesterday. Poor Justin, they really dug at him to get it! His arm looks awful today!

It's amazing all I have learned about blood in the last few days! It is only good for 28 days from the donation date, so Justin's Dad can go and give in a week or so before Cohen needs it again. After you donate, you can't give again for 56 days. If Cohen needs more blood after they both donate, all you friends that are B positive may get lucky and get to donate. (haha) I also found out I can't donate for a year, due to getting a transfusion on Christmas----

I have such a new appreciation for the Red Cross and the blood bank. I have always donated blood, but never fully understood what an awesome organization they are. I am already having daydreams about doing a blood drive next December in honor of Cohen, to give back all the blood he and I have taken from the bank. Is a first birthday party with a "GIVE BLOOD" theme out of the question? Justin say's that is one way to make sure no one will come!

Thank you for loving and caring about our family! I will update again soon.

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