Friday, February 19, 2010

Orthopedic update

I don't think I mentioned that the NICU doctor called the pediatric orthopedist to come back and re-check Cohen's little legs and feet again. They felt like they haven't improved enough. We have been waiting on him to come all week, and we just called to check and they said he just left. He went ahead and put casts on both of Cohen's legs. The nurse said they go all the way from the bottom of his diaper to his toes! I am so distraught that I am not there to see them. What doctor comes at 8 pm on Friday night???
Justin's mom and sister are going to visit on the late shift tonight, so I told them to text me a pic asap! This is when it's hard to be so far away! It is all I can do not to jump in the car and see for myself------

I am glad they called him to re-check. I don't want them to miss something that could potentially turn more serious. Hopefully, this will fix the problem.

I will post a pic tomorrow!

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