Friday, February 19, 2010

February 19th

My computer has been down for a couple of days, so I haven't been able to update. Hopefully we will be getting some better internet service soon!

Several changes have been made for Cohen over the last 2 days. He is back down to 3 liters on the vapotherm, with just a couple of spells. He took almost a whole bottle at the 8 am feeding yesterday, and then more at the 11 am feeding. He did great! Patty, the nurse he has had the last 3 days has been in the NICU for 25 years and she is exceptional, to say the least. She has really pushed him to try and take the bottle. She does not think he has reflux, she believes he has the floppy airway tissue that I told you about earlier in the week. She says they grow out of it, and hopefully he will do so soon. In my own mind, I think if it was really severe, he wouldn't be able to take any of a bottle. That's just me trying to diagnose in Cohen's favor!

This morning, he wasn't able to take the bottle, he kept choking and dropping his heartrate. It really is one step forward and one back. Patty said she would try him again later if he is good and awake. That seems to be the key with him.

On a sad note, my Mom is leaving today after spending 2 weeks with us. We are going to miss her so much. It has been so great having someone with me during the week driving back and forth and to hear all the info I get about Cohen everyday. Also, my house has never been cleaner! She is like an energizer bunny, always doing laundry and organizing.....and she is still recovering from surgery!

Justin and I are hoping to stay in Nashville Saturday night, so we can spend alot of time with Cohen Saturday night and Sunday. Justin has been working all week, so he hasn't been able to see him for a couple of days. He is about to die to get down there! He will think he is so big!

Take Care, I will update you all soon.

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