Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February 17th

Cohen has been in the NICU for 8 weeks today. Counting my stay, we have been at Baptist almost 11 weeks....hard to believe it's been so long. In some ways it's going fast, in others it seems forever. He is exactly 36 weeks gestation today---still 30 days from his original due date!

Cohen has had a fairly good day. He got blood transfusions yesterday and today. He was able to take Justin's direct donor blood, so that worked out well. They tweeked his feedings around a bit, and added some rice cereal to try and help with his reflux. The doctor also changed his medicine to zantac instead of reglan for reflux. I hope this can help him digest his feedings and not spit up or have spells. He only had one spell today so far.

The doctor I mentioned in my previous post was in surgery today, so we saw Dr. Kreger, the on call from last week. I explained to her what all info we were given Monday, and she reassured me on several things. She said she still firmly feels Cohen needs more time. He had a rough start to life and it will take him extra time to recover. She feels like talk of G tubes and tracheotomy are premature since he is only 36 weeks today. I felt alot of relief. I am so happy I was able to touch base with her and get some positive information.

All in all, we are having a good week. My mom is here until Friday, so it's been great having someone to ride with me to the hospital during the day when Justin is working.

Hope you like the slideshows I posted earlier in the day. I will try and update more with pictures. Several people have asked me about the pic with Cohen in his crown. The nurses made it for him to wear over his IV in his head! It was so sweet. One of the other pics is Cohen compared to a water bottle a couple of weeks ago! Enjoy!

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