Friday, February 5, 2010

February 5th

I am hanging out in the NICU waiting room with Ames while Justin is in with Cohen. Cohen is still doing well, but has had a harder couple of days since my last blog.
Since moving to the crib, he has to lay swaddled on his back and side. He DOES NOT like it! He loves his belly! So, he has had lots and lots of spells. I guess that's his way of complaining.
I did get to try and give him his first bottle this morning. He sucked on it perfectly, but dropped his heartrate almost instantly. This is what we expected, since he is still so young. He should have 6 more weeks before he has to worry about this! Poor thing, we are pushing him so hard I sometimes have to stop and think he is just 34 weeks gestation.
Dr. Fish says he is doing fine, we just need to get rid of the spells (he had 8 last night) and reflux. She said it will just take time.
I did have lots of fun changing him into a precious outfit and hat this morning. Several friends have sent him preemie clothes, and 2 of my awesome neighbors ( JoJo and Phyl Ferg) bought every preemie outfit in Murfreesboro yesterday. Cohen is completely decked out!

Hope you all have a great Friday!

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