Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Our family is full of love this year for our new little valentine. Cohen was SO great today. He has had an exceptional weekend. No spells at all!! Dr. Kreger was really positive today, saying we just need to give him time and maybe he won't have to go to Vanderbilt at all. She made no changes to his care today.

A new doctor comes on call tomorrow and Dr. Kreger promised she would update her and tell her our plan. I just don't want anyone to try and rush him again. He has shown us he can do things, just at his own pace. He also took 20 cc's of his 11 a.m. bottle today, which is half of his feeding!

Another piece of BIG news is Cohen's weight gain. HE WEIGHED 5 LBS LAST NIGHT! We are soooooo excited about this! Weight gain is so important in preemies, and he has gained 2 whole pounds in his 54 days. That is just amazing!

I have never felt more blessed on Valentine's Day than I do today. I wish all of you love and happiness today and everyday. Thanks for reading and caring about our family!

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