Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February 9th

I meant to write last night and got so excited over all the snow I forgot! I would say Cohen's day was average. He has some congestion in his throat and chest, and is still having spells, but he did gain more weight.

My mom (LuLu) came down yesterday for the first time since her surgery. She could not wait to see Baby CoCo, as she calls him. He was excited to see her too, so excited he forgot to breathe for a couple minutes. They had to get that awful bag out again. This was by far and away the worst spell I have ever seen him have. Poor LuLu was not ready for this---

The only major info I got yesterday is they are putting off the MRI for another week. The doctors want him to stabilize more before putting him in the machine. I think this is a good choice, I am somewhat relieved they are waiting.
We are still working on him with the bottle, and he took a little from it yesterday.
I better go and get the kids up, I let Calee stay up way too late thinking school would be out for snow! I have noticed all my post show the wrong time, it's seems to post pacific time...I am trying to figure out how to change it!
Have a good day!

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