Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1st

Wow. Hard to believe January is behind us. Seems like time is going at warp speed.
Baby Cohen is still doing well, not many changes, but he is getting a blood transfusion today. This is his 3rd transfusion since birth. He did have 2 spells today, but that's not out of the ordinary.
My heart is heavy again today.
Yesterday I told you about the sweet couple next to us losing their precious son. Today we found out another NICU parent and friend lost her baby as well. Another little boy. The mother, Katie, was on the antepartum floor with me before our sons were born. Her baby was born on New Years Eve, and was just over a pound. This was her first baby, and she has been so excited about his progress. Justin and I just talked to her last week and he was doing pretty well. It's amazing how fast things can happen, and I ask you to pray for Katie and her husband. Like the couple I mentioned yesterday, they are wonderful people with great love for their son. Sometimes reality is so hard.

Justin and I are weighing to pros and cons of possibly moving Cohen to Murfreesboro NICU. The doctors agree he is stable enough for the move. I am hoping to tour and ask questions in the next few days. I am not even sure this is possible, our insurance may or may not pay for transport. Also, we would be changing doctors, respiratory therapists and ovcourse nurses. He is doing so well at Baptist I am scared to change, but being in M'Boro means lots more time to visit and spend with Cohen. Hopefully we will make the best choice for Cohen.

Please keep Cohen and all the babies in NICU in your prayers. We are grateful for your love and support.

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