Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 2nd

Baby Cohen's progress has really sped up over the last few days. The doctor turned his vapotherm down from 3 to 2 liters of flow today. He has done great so far!Soon he will need no help breathing! YAY!
Now, he just has to try to take a bottle. Hopefully the blood he got yesterday will supercharge him and he can learn fast!
Justin's parents went to Nashville with us today. His mom even got to hold Cohen for the first time. It was great to see Mayma finally hold her new grandson. They were so excited to see how much he has grown.
As far as us moving Cohen closer, I haven't gotten a call back from the Murfreesboro hospital, I guess if they never call back it will make our choice easy.
I am hesitant to mention this next thing, I don't want to jinx anything...but there is talk of him moving to a "big boy" crib tomorrow! Wow!!!!The thought of him being out in a real crib is amazing. Another great step forward.

Love to you all! Will let you know what happens tomorrow!

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