Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 31st

We finally got back down to Nashville this morning to see Baby Cohen. The roads were still pretty dicey, but we made it just fine.
Cohen was doing great! I couldn't believe how much bigger he looked in just over a day. His cheeks are really filling out, making him look like a little chipmunk. I asked our nurse to give me a guess of how much longer he would be in the hospital, she said 30-45 more days. I know this is just a guess, but I felt like I had no clue about him possibly coming home. Today was his 40th day in the NICU. It has flown by already.

Justin and I have been making friends with several of the other parents in the NICU. I think we all feel some sort of kindred spirit as we go through the ups and downs of this process. One of the couples we met are taking home their baby girl this week after over 2 months in NICU. We are thrilled for them. Another couple we have spent time talking with lost their precious little boy yesterday. I am so sad for them I can hardly breathe. They are wonderful parents that have spent every waking moment at his side the last 3 weeks. The little boy was right next to Cohen. Please join us in praying for this sweet couple and their family. May God give them strength and understanding in the time to come.

I am reminded again today how extremely blessed we are to have Cohen. Justin and I have vowed to honor this family and their little boy's short life by being the absolute best parents to Cohen that we can be. I know that we have been forever changed over the last 40 days, and I hope we can come out of this stronger, better , more loving parents.

Love and blessings to all of you on this day.

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