Thursday, January 7, 2010

January 7th

Justin and I braved the weather and made it to Nashville to see our baby boy. I am thankful the snow was less impressive than predicted. We spent the morning hanging out with Calee and Ames, and the afternoon visiting Cohen. He was having another good day, he is still on 6 liters of flow with the vaoptherm, but his supplememtal oxygen is at 21 (which is regular room air). We were a little surprised the doctor didn't turn down his flow to 5, but thankful all the same for a comfortable day for him. He seemed happier today, or just less stressed I think.

The last few weeks I have been reminded how lucky we are, and how truly fragile life is. The little boy I asked you to pray for last night did not survive. When we walked in the NICU today, we saw his little crib was empty. The nurse let us know they were not able to save him. I ask you again to pray for this family. I cannot imagine the sorrow and loss they are feeling. I pray God can comfort them during this time.

Our love to you and your family tonight.

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