Friday, January 15, 2010

January 15th

I am feeling very lucky today. I had a "right place, right time" moment this morning. Justin and I took Ames with us to the hospital today. We took turns staying with him in the waiting room while the other visited Cohen.
When I went in, Cohen had apparently has an explosive diaper that caused his bed to need changing. His nurse was about to ask another nurse to hold him while she changed it..then POOF, I walked in! Perfect timing. I got to hold the little man for about 15 minutes. I even got to kiss his little forehead! It was great. I cried less this time, and he had his eyes open the whole time. I did feel a little guilty, being that this is my 2nd time to hold him, and Justin hasn't gotten too yet..but like I said, it was just timing. I have never been so grateful for an exploding diaper! Way to help Mommy out Cohen!

Cohen is still sitting at 5 liters of flow, with a few spells during the day and night. Hopefully he will get over this "hurdle" soon and move down on the vapotherm. The doctor joked with me today that "he can't go to Kindergarten with the nasal cannula!"(vapotherm)

My mom is also doing great with her recovery. Thank you for the prayers for all of our family. Love to you all!

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