Thursday, January 14, 2010

January 14th

It has been a really good day for our family. Cohen looked so great today when Justin and I visited. The blood transfusion has really improved his color. He is doing well at 5 liters of flow. They even moved him down to 4.5 liters for a few hours, but went back up to 5 to make sure he isn't working his little lungs too hard. We had hoped to hold him again today, but the nurse thought it would be best to wait a few more days.
My mom is feeling good after surgery. She feels much better today that we expected she would. I have been able to talk to her several times, so that has helped me to feel better. Hopefully after 3 or 4 days she will be able to go home. I am proud of her. She is a trooper. Maybe that's where Cohen gets it!
Calee has joined the dance "troupe" at the studio where she takes musical theatre. She is so excited about this, I can't even tell you. I love seeing her so happy. She has struggled and been so worried the last few weeks, its so nice to see her be a "kid" and enjoy things again. Justin and I are trying hard to reassure her that everything with Cohen will work out, but she's old enough to realize how serious things have been .
Today has been a happy day, and I am so grateful for it. Thank you all for taking time to read the blog, and to be such good friends to us. We realize how lucky we are to have such amazing family and friends.

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