Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December 23rd

Sorry for the late update on the ultrasound. Baby boy looked fine, he passed his tests (bio physical profile) much quicker than he has in weeks past, so that is a good sign. The fluid level continues to drop, we are down to 0.8, but the doctor says this is normal in our situation.
The good news is we have officially made it to week 28! The nurses and doctors act like this is a great thing, so I am excited we are this far along.

My doctor this morning was concerned about my blood count, and is going to run some extra blood tests to ensure things are stable. I feel weak, but I am hoping its just the monotony of the hospital and the bed rest. Justin made a comment a couple of days ago that he hopes we have a "Valentines Day baby" and not a "Christmas Day baby".....I continue to hope and pray he is right. When things run so smooth I forget how quickly things can change.
Please help us pray that our baby remains healthy and safe. Let me tell you, all of this has really put the importance of the holidays in perspective for me, as I am guilty of getting wrapped up in all the less essential reasons for the season.
Love and Joy to you all.

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