Saturday, December 19, 2009

December 19th

If no news is good news, then we are right on target! Very little to report in the baby department. All is quiet as Justin and I sit here on a Saturday night. His parents took the kids for the night so he is able to stay with me. He keeps teasing me that this is the "getaway" I have been asking for...he is so funny...ha.ha.ha.
I tend to get bogged down in all the negative parts of being in the hospital, so I wanted to share with you my favorite part of being here. Her name is the clean sheet "fairy". She is amazing! (I assume its a she/her, since men never change sheets) I get in the shower, and when I get out, POOF! clean sheets and a nicely made bed. I really will miss this at home.
Even though our situation isn't ideal, I really am thankful to be here doing all I can do for our son. Its a small sacrifice to make for a healthy baby.

Thanks for voting on baby names! I have a couple more to add to the list. It's looking like we won't make a decision until he gets here-----very unlike me!!!!
Have a great Saturday night!

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