Monday, December 14, 2009

December 14th

Have you seen the movie Groundhog Day? I feel like have been looking over my shoulder for Bill Murray all day.
All kidding aside, we are blessed to have had another slow, non eventful day. Our big excitement is always the time on the baby monitor. It has come to my attention that I like it WAY more than the baby, who basically runs from soon as they latch the hook, he jumps to the other side. We played cat and mouse for 3 hours this morning! Tonight the nurse sat on the side of the bed and held the monitor on him for almost an hour.... his heart rate and activity is spectacular!
My mom brought the kids up this afternoon to visit, and Justin is spending the night tonight since we have an ultrasound again in the morning. Mom is going home for a few days tomorrow, to give her final exams and finish things up at school. I will miss her, and so will the kids, but we are lucky to have Justin's parents to help out. I know Justin can handle things, but I am glad he has some support and backup!
FYI- Calee's recital went great yesterday, her teacher came to watch and she could not have been more excited if all 3 Jonas Brothers had been there. This really took the focus off my not being there and made it easier...Thanks Mrs. Ferens!

We have been here a week tomorrow! Hope to make it several more!

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