Sunday, December 27, 2009

A BIG Day!

Baby Cohen has had a big day. I am not sure he realizes this, but Justin and I are so proud.
First of all, they took his ventilator out today. We knew and were hopeful this was coming, but were scared to make a big deal out of it, since he could have to go back on for a bit. He has done well without it, which just makes me speechless.
He now has a vapotherm tube helping him breathe. This is much less invasive, just looks like a little oxygen tube in his nose. He seems more comfortable like this. This also allows us to HEAR him cry. I can't tell you what the sound did to my heart.....absolutely amazing. They also started feeding him my breast milk through an itty bitty tube last night, another step in the right direction. He drinks just a few CC's every 3 hours.
Even more excitement, I got to change his diaper AND take his temperature under his little arm. This is by far the most touching contact we have had and it was wonderful!
I know all of these things sound so little, and before this I just didn't fully understand how exciting each step would be. We are preparing for more ups and downs in the months to come, but are just thankful that right now, things are looking up.
The prayers are obviously working. Thank you....and please keep lifting up our precious son Cohen.

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