Friday, December 18, 2009

December 18th

Ultrasounds used to be my favorite. I lived for them when I was pregnant with Calee and Ames. I counted the days with this baby between ultrasounds. Seeing the baby and counting their fingers and, the game has changed.
We haven't had a ultrasound with great news since we entered the hospital. We get alot of "Wow, I haven't seen fluid this low since...." and "Its amazing the baby is still stable" comments. Not quite so reassuring. Basically, we found out what we already knew. The fluid is virtually gone. The technician had to search for half an hour to find 1cm. When the fluid is gone its almost impossible to get a clear picture or peek at the baby. However! We were able to see him breathe and move with a strong heartbeat. This part is a great relief. I ask the Dr. after every ultrasound how long we can continue like this and he assures me the baby can be fine for weeks or even months. The lack of fluid alone is not a reason to take the baby early (thank goodness). I am reminded today and constantly AMAZED how strong and resilient babies are.
On another note, I am excited that Calee is spending the night with me tonight. We have been watching movies and playing scrabble. A little fun time with my girl is just what the doctor ordered.
Overall, things are fine and I feel blessed and thankful we are still here.

P.S.! I finally put up the baby name poll....Vote for your favorite! Thanks!

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  1. Hey Christin, I think your blog is great! And I really enjoy keeping up with what's going on with "Cullen" HAHA Keep up the good work. Everyday is one day closer!!! I also very much enjoy our late night talks!!!!!!!