Sunday, December 13, 2009

December 13th

Another thankfully quiet day on the baby front. The doctor came early and visited with Mom and I quite a while. We are getting to know him more, and that is reassuring. He really hit it off with my mom, which isn't a surprise since she's never met a stranger! The baby is still doing great, and all the daily monitoring and routine have been smooth. It seems to be quieter around here on the weekends, a little more low key.
I am anxiously awaiting to hear from Calee about her Christmas recital. I am sure it is going great, and will be happy to get a report. I also had a wonderful visit from work buddies. Lots of laughs and fun. They brought me an amazingly huge basket of goodies from everyone at school! I love the friends I work with and miss them.

Mostly, I have been researching baby names!!!! We just can't seem the find the "one". Ever since I read a quote about a baby name being the first gift you give a child, I feel more pressure......I am going to narrow some down and put up a poll for you all to vote. Keep in mind you get a vote, but this isn't a democracy! haha....

Hope everyone has had a good weekend. Hard to believe Christmas is almost here!!!

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