Sunday, June 6, 2010

June 6th

Wow----June already! Where does the time go? I LOVE summer! I love the slower paced, less urgent schedule we keep. I love the increased cook-outs and get togethers with friends and family. We have already had homemade ice cream twice! If that doesn't just scream summer, I don't know what else does.

Actually, I  don't know what I am talking about with a slower schedule. The next 2 weeks are packed full of camps, appointments, VBS, parties and all sorts of other activities. Calee is doing a musical theatre camp this week, they will be performing "Grease", my all time favorite. She is so excited about it. Calee also has an eye doctor follow up and orthodontist appointment this week.

Cohen has a day full of Vanderbilt appointments this Wednesday. He will get his dreaded cast put on! I am excited about his appointment with the BPD (pulmonary) clinic. I really think his lungs are improving, so I am anxious to see what they say. Our plan has been, if we get a good BPD report, we will take him to church for the first time, finally! I am just dying for our church family to get a glimpse at him.

I am also taking Cohen to a consultation with TEIS (Tennessee Early Intervention Services) in the morning. I am hoping they will get started with everything they do---I feel like we have been waiting on them forever!

Ames is going to spend tomorrow at his "Mur-Murs", (Justin's grandmother Ms. Thelma), he loves going over there and spending time outside and seeing all the dogs. He is becoming such a ham----we are always laughing at him and he loves it!

My Mom and Ed came in Friday night and stayed until Saturday afternoon with us, then they headed to Memphis for auction business. Mom knew I needed to get out a bit, (I've been a little stir crazy this week) so as soon as she got here Friday Justin and I went out to run errands and have dinner. She also watched them Saturday morning while we went to Lowe's. It was a treat, and I am thankful she is willing to do it, (along w all the laundry she did in those 24 hours she was here) I know, I know, we are totally spoiled!

I will update everyone Wednesday when we get home from Vandy. Please pray for positive results and improvement for Cohen. We really feel like he has made progress, and we hope the doctors agree! Hope everyone has a great week!

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