Thursday, June 17, 2010

Big Boy in the Bumbo!

Some mornings when I get Cohen out of his crib I am certain he has grown from the night before! He is really coming into his personality. Instead of getting an occasional laugh from him, now we get them all day. He smiles constantly and just LOVES anyone to talk to him. He especially loves watching Ames play...he will follow him with his eyes all over the living room. He has also become a great audience for Calee, when she is singing, dancing or putting on a play. (which is basically 24/7 =)

My friend Julie brought us a bumbo seat at church last night. I couldn't wait to get home and try Cohen out in it----I was shocked that he immediately loved it and sat right up like a big boy!

As soon as we took him out, Ames plopped down in it. He did not want to get out! I guess we will have to get him one too-

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  1. he looks like such a big boy in his bumbo! we got EC's out the other day and it swallows her whole...we might try again in the next week or so and have to take comparison pics!

    the warrens