Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What's going on with us!

Hi All! I have been hoping to find time to catch up and give you all our new information on Cohen, and the rest of us! We ended up cancelling Cohen's swallow study in early January. He was just so sick and would not have done well.
SO, basically our goal has been to keep him "well" and healthy until out Jan.30 trip to Cincinnati Children's Hospital. We have just less than a week until we leave. We will spend 6 days there. As of today, Cohen is pretty well, still battling a cough and runny nose, but nothing too bad. Calee and Ames, on the other hand, are so sick. My poor older babies rarely even get a cold, and they have both been knocked down all week with flu like virus. Calee's lungs showed a small pneumonia, and Ames has double ear infections, just to top it off! They are so pitiful! Hopefully we are on the uphill swing now.

We are keeping Cohen on "house arrest" until we leave. Just to try and get him in the best shape possible. I am so excited and also a nervous wreck about all the testing and him being put under anesthesia. But I know we will get through this and hopefully get more information on how to help Cohen's day to day life. That is our goal!

Usually, Calee and Ames are running circles around Cohen, and he is wanting to be held of just sit and watch, when he's not feeling well. This week, Calee and Ames have held down the couch, and Cohen has just terrorized them! he carries them toys and books and demands "read Calee" or "play Bubba" to Ames. Its been so funny.

I will do a detailed update when we return and hopefully a few posts in between. I will "tweet" while were there, so if your interested and want to follow me on twitter my name is davisbryant

Love and blessing upon you all!
CoCo LOVES talking on the phone to LuLu.......

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  1. I hope it all goes well! Thinking and praying for you guys next week. James got tubes today and I HATED being in a hospital. I am sure you dread it, but hopefully they will give you some answers. Take care!